Found! Asian Grocery Shop in Canberra run by Indonesian

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I can’t believe it… 3 years and a bit in Canberra, I’ve only found out about this shop. I’ve driven past the street so many times since I live close by but I never look to the side of the street where the shop is until last week or so. When I mentioned it to an Indonesian friend, she said the shop is owned by a fellow Indonesian. So, I made a quick visit earlier this afternoon to check out their stock and prices.

Happy to say it carries quite a number of Indonesian snacks that no other asian groceries stores in Canberra seems to stock. The price is also quite cheaper compare to some other shops in busier area too. Their vegetables seem fresher too (they have fresh vegies on Tuesday and Friday). The shop also has translation of products written in other language into roman-character equivalent underneath the item… funny but definitely useful.

The owner straight away identified me as someone coming from Indonesia because I carried a popular brand of Indonesian sweets/snacks, the hottest chilli I can find in the shop and Indonesian sweet bottled jasmine tea (teh botol) to the register… Can’t help it that I am so obvious.

I am glad to find it, and I guess I’ll just have to visit often. Here it is…


They have moved to 54 Colbee Court, Phillip, ACT 2606 as of August 2012.

Ah Chu Asian Provisions – Asian Grocery‎
54 Colbee Ct, PHILLIP ACT 2606

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They claim to be the oldest Asian grocery store in Canberra. So.. you Canberra peepz… please pay them a visit!

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